Exhaust System 5 Door::04-09 Mazda3 s (2.3)

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Applications: 2004-2009 Mazda 3s - 5 Door (2300cc) - (Except 2006-2009 CALIF emission models) - The Racing Beat Power Pulse Exhaust system for the Mazda 3 is a complete 304-stainless steel cat-back system. Our Racing Beat exhaust system is a direct replacement for the factory system and utilizes all stock hangers and mounting brackets for a secure fitment. Manufactured in-house by Racing Beat using 2.375" OD stainless steel tubing and cast stainless steel flanges for excellent durability, this straight-through exhaust system is perfect for street or track use. Finished with a 3.5" OD double-walled stainless steel outlet tip, this exhaust system looks as well as it performs. The Racing Beat Power Pulse exhaust system comes complete with all required mounting hardware and fully detailed installation instructions.All Racing Beat exhaust systems are designed by our design team to provide a deep, throaty exhaust tone, without any harsh, buzzy, or raspy tones. Deep and modest under full throttle, and smooth and mellow under highway cruising conditions! Although we would have preferred to offer a true emissions-legal "bolt-on" system, the design of the stock OEM system makes this impossible. The following description of the stock exhaust system on the Mazda 3 will provide a better insight to the reasons why an emissions legal bolt-on system cannot be offered.

Stock Exhaust System Description First off, Mazda has really made this complicated! For the 2004-2009 Mazda 3, Mazda offered three (3) basic designs for the OEM exhaust system. The specific exhaust system that came equipped on your Mazda depended on the combination of the following factors: engine displacement (2000cc or 2300cc), emissions status (Federal/Canada or California), and engine configuration (turbo or non-turbo). For the non-turbo 2000cc and 2300cc engines Mazda designed the stock OEM exhaust system for the Mazda 3 as one long, single unit which includes: a catalytic converter, muffler (either 1 or 2 canisters depending on your model), outlet pipe and tip section. The individual components are permanently attached to the exhaust tubing and cannot be individually separated without cutting. During assembly of the vehicle at the factory is appears that the entire exhaust system was installed onto the car and then the rear suspension sub-frame was raised into place. This manufacturing technique makes the removal of the entire stock exhaust system on this application much more difficult than with previous Mazda car models.

Emission Legal In order to retain the emissions legal status of your Mazda 3 the stock catalytic converter that is included with the OEM exhaust system must be separated from the original exhaust system and retained on the car. Once the stock exhaust has been removed from the car the tubing just behind this catalytic converter can be cut (using a simple hacksaw), and the unit returned to the car. The Racing Beat exhaust system uses a slip-joint style fitting and an OEM-style retaining clamp to securely mate our exhaust system to the original catalytic converter outlet tube. The original catalytic converter is retained and the emissions-legal status of your car is still intact!