Cat-Back Exhaust - Dual Tips 93-95 Mazda RX-7

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  • Manufactured by: Racing Beat
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Racing Beat Stainless Steel RX-7 Dual Tip Exhaust - Every Racing Beat 304-Series Stainless Steel RX-7 Exhaust System benefits from high-quality materials and cutting-edge construction techniques to provide superior performance and sound. Each system is designed by Racing Beat to maximize performance while maintaining a deep and mellow exhaust note. Normal driving produces a mellow deep tone, but jump on the throttle and these systems come alive with an even deeper, throaty sound. Over the years we have been amazed at just how many of these systems we've sold for the FD RX-7! Considering the rather small number of 1993-95 RX-7's that were sold in the US, we thought that certainly the sales of these mufflers would have been rather modest. Boy, were we wrong! After selling hundreds and hundreds of these systems it left us thinking as to why our system has proven to be so popular for such a long period. Comparison with other available systems revealed that most of the other systems featured large exaggerated muffler tips and a louder, more aggressive exhaust tone as compared to our system. The Racing Beat systems we offer for the third-generation RX-7 have featured either an OEM-style Dual Tip or a modest Single Tip configuration, and a mellow, deep tone. With this classic combination of great looks, great sound, and great performance its no wonder why the Racing Beat system has been at the top of the heap for so long! If you're in the need of a replacement system for your RX-7, follow the lead of those before you and give the Racing Beat system a try! Racing Beat exhaust systems are designed as an emissions legal, cat-back, bolt-on system and utilize all existing mounting brackets and hangers. Beautifully manufactured from pre-polished 304 series stainless steel, the internal-Y, straight-thru design of this exhaust muffler has been designed to offer your RX-7 maximum turbo performance with a 12-13 horsepower gain! In the all too common event that you no longer have the Mazda factory-installed Rear Mounting Bracket, we also include the Racing Beat-manufactured version